Alyssa Conley uses her gift to give back!

Alyssa Conley is just another of the many athletes in SA (South Africa) that had a humble beginning in the journey towards her professional career, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. “As an athlete I discovered my talent running on gravel stones in an underprivileged school situated in Riverlea. I have been through the challenges that our young athletes face today.” These challenges are the very fuel that are encouraging Conley to give back not only to her community but this could grow to a national project that could help many more communities and runners around South Africa.

The WSMC (Wanderers Sports Medical Centre) in association with SA sprint queen Alyssa Conley have started a shoe drive initiative which aims to supply and reward underprivileged sport clubs with footwear to help their members achieve their running goals. The WSMC receives footwear donations from the WSMC members, family, friends of the club as well as athletes that would love to contribute to keeping the dream of running alive. Conley states, “to have a dream is a blessing, to be blessed with a talent is priceless but to have the support to achieve your dream and develop your talent is scarce.” A pair of shoes, to most people might seem like little, but to an inspired athlete out there it might be the match that lights a fire of passion in their heart. This athlete might go on to be the next Alyssa Conley and if all top athletes follow this example we could very well have a positive cycle of top athletes reaching down to give a hand to other runners in need once they reach the top.

Conley has grown into a household name over the past two years in South Africa after winning the SA national titles in both the 100m and 200m for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017). Conley also went to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio and the future certainly looks bright for this talented sprinter. Conley’s following and respect in the athletics community is a large one and her association with WSMC is fitting to reach out to young and prospect athletes that see her as role model. WSMC has assisted Conley with scientific and medical requirements which have contributed to her success as a professional athlete and this has personally confirmed her belief that it takes a team to achieve victory.”

 The aim of this initiative is to assist as many running clubs as possible and to help develop raw talent within the clubs. We believe athletics is on the rise and we just want to do our part in re-establishing the sport in South Africa by giving back to those less fortunate. Our mission is to keep the belief alive amongst these athletes.” Recently the Gauteng Striders Athletics Club came to visit the WSMC where 22 young athletes got to interact with Alyssa Conley and the young athletes had the opportunity to learn a few track and field drills to kick start their new journey. The Gauteng Striders Club also received footwear for their club members.

“It’s a blessing to receive but it’s a beautiful blessing to give. I Alyssa Conley with WSMC challenge you to change a life and keep a dream alive by donating new or used running footwear to the ACSpeedstar and WSMC shoe drive.” 

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Let’s get behind this initiative and help to make a difference!

Written by Black Legend