Thinike Fourie - Fourie is on Fire

On the 21st  February 2015 on a sunny day in Stellenbosch Thineke Fourie ran two PB’s in the 1500m and 800m at Coetzenburg Stadium in the Maties Club Championships . She was dominating the race from the start and left a gap immediately as the gun went off! Thineke was up against the clock and managed to end up strong and in high fashion in both these two dramatic events. She dropped her previous PB in the 1500m of 4:36,46 to 4:28,64 that’s about a 8 second drop in only her first meeting of the season! And she ran a 2:12,98 in the 800m! This two events were only 2 hours from each other. Then on Wednesday the 25 February 2015 Thineke showed magic one again when she ran on her own in a windy day in Stellenbosch another PB in the 800m clocking in at 2:11,68min! This young lady has massive talent and a bright future ahead of her!

The Athletic season is still warming up and Thineke is already in great shape. Keeping in mind Senior SA Championships is coming up as well as Varsity Cup! Keep a watchful eye on this talented young woman as the season progresses. All the best for the season Thineke! We hope that 2015 Athletic Season may have a lot of great memories to remember in years to come!re

Willem Martinson CT Account Manager

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