Willem What Did I learn

The importance of setting goals in every aspect of life, is one of the most valuable and personal investments one can make! The power of goals should help you reach your destiny and be a guideline from where you are to whereyou want to be. From my point of view goals help to keep you focused and disciplined.

What also helped me was to track my progression on the goals that I had in mind and to see where is the area that I had to focus on more. It forces you to develop a healthy daily routine and to stay productive throughout the day as well as necessary habits.

One of the first steps is to write your goals down on a piece of paper, put it at a place where you can view and visualize it every day and remind yourself why you are doing it! Your biggest why? What has helped me a lot was to focus on the end result. Always keep the end in mind!

EC Account Manager CT – Willem Martinson