What did I learn Drikus 1The Importance of Recovery

Rest and recovery (R&R) should be part of your training programme, since it is just as important as the training session itself. I feel that rest is more important than training sometimes.

Every athletes’ body is unique and some athletes take longer to recover than others. That is why it is important to know your body and listen to it when it tells you that you need to rest or rehabilitate.

I’ve strained my hamstring twice because I did not listen to my body and take the necessary days of or do a recovery session instead of a full training session.

Our bodies has the ability to recover itself from almost anything as long as it is given time. And I’m not only talking about recovery from injury, but recovery from a hard training session as well.

Remember that R&R is necessary for both physical an mental health. If you are mentally drained during training it is very hard to train at your best. And if you can’t train at your best, you will struggle to compete at your best.

Good luck for the 2015 season!

Drikus Viljoen – EC Financial Assistant CT