SA Champ in her zone - Lezaan Jordaan

She is quiet, always calm, focused, friendly, but don’t be fooled…she is strong, competitive and ferocious in the Shot Put circle! 

The Shot Put bug bit Jordaan at the age of 9 when she always attended athletics events for the physically disabled in which her father was involved in. Without any hesitation, she started competing at school with the under 10 girls and one could say ‘the rest is history’, but, the future still looks great for this 19 year old who has already won National Senior Championships twice and bagged both the junior and youth national titles when she was younger.

Every time we spoke, jokes were made and I would wonder where she gets the calmness and can still compete at such a high level; until she told me that ‘I’ve been stubborn from a young age and nothing that anyone did or said about me got to me’ and it eventually made
sense. ‘I take every competition as an ordinary competition be it a CGA club meet or Worlds, I look at it the same and I focus on myself rather than my competitors’ added the lady who also does a bit scrapbooking or mosaic in her spare time.

Competing on the highest in any sport is very demanding and it’s thus important to either take the sport serious or it won’t take you serious; Jordaan added that ‘athletics is like second nature, I have an enormous love for it and without it, there will be something missing in my life’.

The longer our conversation went on, the more I realised that athletics is really a personal thing and everyone needs a support system to help them compete to the best of their abilities. Lezaan went on to say something profound and I believe every athlete should consider her approach to the sport; she said: ‘I have a big support system, so it helps a lot and my biggest motivation is to be the best that I can be…It really does not help comparing yourself with others because at the end you will be disappointed because you don’t achieve what others achieve’.

As we approach the end of our conversation and I must admit, I learnt a lot. This young lady with such a bright future ahead of her has inspired and motivated me…And I hope you feel the same. Following are Jordaan’s last words:

‘ My goal on the field is to always give MY best and even if the result is bad or good, I want to keep my head up high and focus on the next opportunity until I reach the highest level and better MY personal best. I encourage you to live a balanced life, because too much pleasure is not always a good thing AND, FOCUS ON YOURSELF and forget other people’ It is all about you; put your mind to it and you can achieve it! Focus…’

Photo by :

EC Media Coordinator – Reggie Hufkie