Coaching Tip - Duane FortuinCoaching Tip

I believe you need to have a passion and love for what you’re doing, to develop young talent to achieve greatness. A coach learns every day about the athletes. A coach is more than just a coach, the athletes becomes his family. The coach and athletes’ relationship must be built on LOVE, TRUST, RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, ect. Every athlete in the family is equal, no one must be treated differently and all of them have different backgrounds, character and are unique. When you as coach see the athletes improve, reward them, it means a lot to them.

When all the hard work, sacrifice and time the coach put in with the athlete are done, the best reward for the coach is when the athlete runs personal best times, represents the country or province. It feels really good despite all the challenges the coach and athletes have gone through together.

Coaches must just continue to develop athletes to achieve greatness.

Have a blessed 2015. Prov 3:5-6

Coach Duane