Conradie Returns


Introducing Pieter Conradie – one of South-Africa’s up and coming track athletes, specializing in 400m. If you are not familiar with this go-getter, please indulge in his outstanding profile.

Conradie has made the National team for the World Youth and Junior Championships in 2011 and 2012. But his personal best for the 400m was in 2013 with a time of 46,62.

He went to the university of Texas in the USA to continue his career as an athlete, but after only 6 months he has now returned to his home turf, the question on everyone’s lips is why did he come back so soon?

“It was very nice in America, I had a great time and learned so much. It was a good experience for my development as an athlete. America has all of the facilities every athlete needs, but the coaches there aren’t better than the coaches here in South Africa.”

Conradie says that although he enjoyed it there, he doesn’t see a future for himself in the USA. His performance didn’t improve much there. He also picked up a few injuries. His belief is that he will perform better if he stays in South Africa. If Wayde van Niekerk can do it, why shouldn’t he too? Conradie also mentioned that the training programs here in SA do not differ much from what he did there.

Now that he is back he is training at Tuks with coach Nico van Heerden, “the best coach in the world”, and with training partner Bernard Pretorius, whom he went to school with at Affies High. His Gym instructor is Chris Conradie, his brother, who is a coach at Affies. Clearly it runs in the family.

When he’s not running, farming with Bonsmara cattle keeps him more than busy. Talk about an all-rounder. Conradie’s future plans? Studying Business Management, making the World Student- team and ultimately competing at the 2016 Olympic games.

Pieter is ready to face established athletes like Shaun De Jager, Willie de Beer andRanti Dikgale. Only time will tell what he’ll be bringing to the track in the future, but past indications has shown that Pieter Conradie will be one to fear. ‪#‎BackTrack‬ ‪#‎EC‬‪#‎ICANSOAR‬

EC Media Manager : Adriaan Aldridge in association with Michael Brink