Carina Horn


With August being the month of woman, I thought it a great idea to talk to some of SA’s finest and in-shape athletes of 2014. When the thought came up, I immediately thought of Carina Horn. It’s true that we didn’t see Carina in action in the past two years, but, what happened during those two years, will leave you in awe. Here’s what Horn had to say:

Q: You were always amongst the top 3 South African sprinters these past few years, but all of a sudden, not many South African sprinter are running the times that you are. What happened during the past two/three years that changed your performance so dramatically?

A: In 2012 I decided to change coaches and this wasn’t just an athletics decision, but also a life decision. My coach is in Europe (Austria), so I live here and in South Africa (lots of travelling I guess). In Europe, how I view training is different, the lifestyle is different, and everything (on and off the track) is different. All of this affects my performance and hence
we also plan the races that I will be competing in (that’s why you might have seen I didn’t compete in South Africa in the past two year).

60m ind – 7.28 – Wien (AUT) – 28.01.2014
100m – 11.17 +1.0 – St. Pölten (AUT) – 14.06.2014
100m – 11.16 +2.6 – Madrid (ESP) – 19.07.2014
200m – 23.43 – Réduit (MRI) – 17.04.2011
300m – 41.12 – Stellenbosch (RSA) – 12.12.2010
400m – 56.07 – Potchefstroom (RSA) – 23.01.2009
4x100m – 44.78 – Pretoria (RSA) – 05.05.2012

Above is the personal best times of Horn. One thing is for sure, her 60m and 100m times are world class. Is this perhaps her strategy to build up to the 200m? We will just have to wait and see.

Talking about races and times, I asked her ‘what can we expect from you in the coming years? Perhaps an Olympic Medal or World Champion?’ Her response had me thinking if she shouldn’t have been a motivational speaker perhaps. This is what she said: “I would rather let my performances do the talking about winning medals at these meets” she added “It’s dreams and visions that I have and when I achieve that, I can talk big”. Great words from the 25 year old who left me thinking when she said “I have goals to be an Olympic Medalist/ World Champion, but talking about it to everyone won’t help me achieve it and that’s why I’m focused and I try to do everything I can to be the best that I possibly can”.

With this positive attitude, I believe that the sky is the limit and Horn is definitely making use of the opportunities she receives. One of the big opportunities that came about and that will surely help her in her career as athlete, was when she was signed with the International Brand/Clothing/Sport maestro Under Armour. Not many international track stars are signed with this brand and that’s what makes this even more special. “I feel great about being signed with them and I am a person who wants to be what I want to be. Their (Under Armour) logo is ‘I Will’ and that is perfect for me” said a very excited Horn.

I believe that this can only be the start of great things for Carina as she embarks on a journey that is not for the faint hearted, and faint hearted she is indeed not. “The best thing that someone can tell me is that I can’t do it…everyone gives me coal, I will light the fire” said Carina when I asked her who/what motivates her. She also added that her coach, family and surprisingly herself, gives her reason to not give up! On the track she is a lion and off the track she is a lamb (she is fearless yet humble).

South Africa, this is Carina Horn…are you ready?

Written by Reginald Hufkie
Photo by WF Fotografie