Tuks Sprint sensation

“I guess it’s just the passion I have for athletics that drives me to be the fastest junior in SA”.

Winning SA junior Champs 100m this year and being quite a force to be reckoned with in Varsity Cup meetings as well as Senior SA’s, this young sprinting lady is already making quite an uproar together with Hoerskool Zwartkop sprint sensation Simone du Plooy. Tebogo Mamathu comes from Monument High School where she was one of the school’s plenty top athletes. She now resides at the Tuks sprint factory studying Sport Science and she says that it is quite an adaption from high school to university, having a new coach, new programme, new environment and at the same time juggling between her academics and athletics.

” I’m not saying I’ve adapted already, but I’m trying to still gain my confidence and remaining positive at all times.” The advice she gives to youngsters out there that will make that switch from junior to senior ranks is ” Believe in your goals that you set with your new coach. It’s also important to trust and believe in your coach to where he’ll take you. You should have a trust, love and respect relationship with your coach.”

“I must say that my coach and family also do play a role. My aspirations… I must tell you that I’ve always seen myself as an Accountant besides being a Professional athlete… Belonging to a company and doing their books. I mean I still see myself as an Accountant or a Businesswoman and I’ll get there. I definitely believe the Athlete-Coach relationship is important because my coach is my motivator, my friend, my father… he always keeps me going and constantly reminding to stay positive. ” Indeed it is very important to have another focus besides from running in this country, even big names like Elroy Gelant and Johan Cronje have permanent jobs. This should serve as great motivation to other youngsters that you should have something besides running as well.

Her dream just like any other is to become an Olympian.  “There are fast people out there and I believe that one day I’ll be representing my country and making my country proud. Athletics to me is about putting an impact in other people’s lives. Not to impress.” If Mamathu and du Plooy continue on the freight train they’re on now then there will be nothing stopping them to achieve Olympic status!!

EC Media Manager – Adriaan Aldridge in colaboration with Rantso Mokopane