Aspiring future World Champion Chris Moleya is a very ambitious and hardworking athlete. Once upon a time Chris was an avid soccer player but becChris Moleya - Jumping to new Heightsause his love for athletics just grew bigger and bigger he decided to quit soccer and focus on high jump. Moving from Limpopo to Pretoria Chris was joined with Coach Hugo Badenhorst on his quest to stretch his high jump abilities to new heights.

‘I want other athletes to remember me as the guy who took high jump in South Africa to new heights’

“Never did I expect to reach 2.20m so soon” said Chris with high appreciation and gratitude towards Hugo Badenhorst’s coaching abilities.  Chris strives on doing his best and working hard but at the same time enjoying what he is doing. Chris Moleya’s brother mentioned how relaxed Chris is at competitions and how he doesn’t let the competitors get to his head, which any athlete can admit is an amazing character trait to possess and it will be extremely beneficial to him in the future.

After unexpectedly reaching 2.20m before SA Championships Chris has now put a new goal on his heart, he aims to jump 2.28m to quality for the World Championships in Beijing.

I want to be the youngest high jumper to compete at the level, that would be an amazing accomplishment

Chris keeps a close eye on his role model Mutza Barshim, looking to him for inspiration and ways to improve on his high jump technique. ‘People say I look like him so now I want to jump like him’ Chris expressed humorously. Besides looking at other athletes in his field for inspiration Chris also humbly explained how he also turns to God for help and guidance ‘I need Gods strength to help me get through competitions’

A man of few words is how I would describe my interaction with Chris but one thing that stood out was his determination and work ethic. When asked ‘what is the key to your success’ his answer was short and sweet ‘ I work hard’ Chris Moleya is an inspiring reminder of how just working hard will get you the success you dream about’

Photo Credit: Backtrack

Margaret Olwoch