The Gift of Speed - Tlotliso Gift Leotlela

HTS Louis Botha, winning the Clover meeting in 13 consecutive years, the highschool in the Freestate that seems to produce top class middle distance and sprinting athletes. Gideon Trotter, Tshepo Lefete, Lewellen Hein, Andrico Williams, Armin Fillies.. just to name a few. But this article is not about them. This article is about our athlete of the week Tlotliso Gift Leotlela.

When watching 7de laan and always hearing Maria talk about her guest house in Qwa Qwa you always wondered if that is a real place, wonder no more. Tlotliso grew up in Qwa Qwa and can assure you it does exist.

He has been running since he was a young boy and went to his first nationals when he was 10 years old! Primarily he was doing really well and represented the Freestate Province for 4 years. but then he reached a point where he wanted to stop running because he had no coach. But the world had other plans. He got offered a bursary to go to HTS Louis Botha in grade 8 and from there his ‘gift’ was further nourished by coach Kobus Hendriks for 3 years.

“Pilditch, 2013, SA Champs… out of the bend I was in front and I kept on going but unfortunately Kyle Appel passed me just before the line, he passed in 21.78 and I ran 21.83. We were 15 years old.”

Leotlela now resides at Tuks Sport School, training under Hennie Kriel, which is never a bad decision to make as a sprinter. Anaso Jobodwana is his role-model and when asked why he replies with “he is just unexplainable”.

He has cclear set out goals, to go to Youth Champs in Columbia and bring back a medal, and he says that is why he gets back at training every day, because he has those goals and he believes with his faith he can achieve them.

“Reasons why I am at the level which I am today is because of character, discipline, dedication, hard work and humbleness.”

Well there you have it, the 17 year old Tlotliso Leotlela, 10.47 on the 100 and 20.80 in the 200, truly you have a Gift, use it to the best of your ability and go and soar in the 2015 season! #ICANSOAR #TomTom #Backtrack #EC

Photo by Pretoria News

EC Media Manager – Adriaan Aldridge