Eben Kruger - Stick to what you know

Tip to other young coaches/athletes

Over the years which I have been involved in racing and training, I have picked up a few tips of my own. The most important thing to remember for any athlete is simple. Stick to what you know and always remember – Confidence is key!

Your training and racing routine should be the same. Do not consume any unfamiliar substances before race day, which your body is not used to.
Rest and recovery plays an important role in any athletes training. Always listen to your body. Even if you have a bad training day, focus on finishing the set rather than focusing on times.

Looking at mental preparation.

Tapering to race day is just as important as all the effort put in to compete. Our bodies like routine. Warm-up the way you are used to. Self confidence, in your program and yourself, plays an important role. However, do not aim too high. If you are unhappy with your results, build on it, rather than breaking yourself down. It happens to all of us!

Eben is a young and dynamic coach with lot of enthusiasm! His presence brings a lot to the table! He is currently focusing on Primary school children in middle distance and Cross Country and helps a lot to make athletics a fun sport for the young ones. Let’s hope he can play a big role as a coach to develop future stars in the making as well as extend his career with senior athletes and guide them towards success!

Eben Kruger