Koketso Ramasita

I grew up in Rustenburg at Phokeng, the Bafokeng nation in North West. That is where I spent most my life. Now known for the Bafokeng stadium build there and the strong Royal Bafokeng sprint group. I started doing athletics in 2009 when I was running at High school interhouse where I came 2nd. And the ‘elite’ guy who beat me said he was just jogging. This made me very angry and I decided to start training and I joined the Royal Bafokeng team.

Then after the 2010 Nationals because I was doing matric I stopped running. But that didn’t turn out as I wanted, I started smoking and my academics was failing. Something was missing from my life. And seeing Nijel Amos take that silver medal at the Olympics inspired me to get my life back on track, lol, no pun intended. So in 2013 I took back to the track. And the next year proved to be quite exciting.

I’ve always wanted to study at Tuks because it was ranked no 2 in SA and I joined the TUKS team in my 2nd year of athletics, so now I’m here and I’m doing Sports management and Human Movement science under Bachelor of Education. I’ve always been a 400m athlete having a 47.79 on the 400m which I ran at the Tuks 1 hour challenge the other night. But Amos’ performances got me convinced I had to try the 800.

My most memorable moment in athletics so far came when I raced against my role model Nijel Amos in the Varsity Cup at PE. Will never forget that day. Then also later that year when I finished 2nd at the u/23 SA’s behind Rynardt van Rensburg with a 1:48.38 pb in the 800m. For now my goals are to qualify for World champs and World Student champs.

My sister off the track is the one who inspires me as she always believes in me even though I was a naughty boy growing up. A man can be strong and tough but one always needs that support from someone to keep you driving. I now train under Michael Sponge Seme and I have guys like that there as well, guys that support and inspire me like Stephen Mokoka, Gladwin Mzazi, Ranti Dikgale, Themba Madima and Lebo Phalula.

I might be young, but there are those making the same decisions I made in matric that never turn around and come back. And I hope to inspire them to not make that choice in the first place, if at all I can say athletics helps my academics. Without the athletics you’ll have something missing from your life and you’ll want to replace that something. So stay on the track!