Nicola de Bruyn - 15 Year old Sprint Sensation

She is a tender 15 year old, but her times on the track speak that of a senior athlete: 11.6 sec 100m and 23.8sec 200m

A friendly response from Nicola led to a conversation/Interview that had me inspired and ready to tackle 2015 (thank you for that) and I am sure that, after reading what she had to say you will feel the same. Her humbleness, open personality, eagerness and passion (I could just sense it) for life immediately had me glued to what she said.

Let’s get to know this young lady a bit:
Nicola de Bruyn is the name, she is 15 years old, a Grade 10 scholar at Eldoraigne High School and she is passionate about God, sport and academics (in which she also excels). She is a down to earth, healthy girl who has a very close-knit relationship with her family and she speaks very openly about her relationship with God and using her talents to glorify Him.

De Bruyn bagged a number of fifteen national championship medals in primary school and after coming back from an injury that put her on the sideline for more than a year; she collected five national championship gold medals, broke a national record and received the award for Best Female Athlete at SA Schools Championships. By clocking 11.6sec on the 100m and 23.8sec over the 200m distance, one would wonder what the future holds for her…

“I run because I feel like I must show people what wonderful talents God blesses us with and I will do anything to honour Him through my athletics” said Nicola who is currently preparing for World Youth Championships later this year. She also believes that commitment, hard training and having fun plays a crucial role in ones athletics career. Running for her, however, feels like God carrying her with His hands every time she runs.

A setback prepares you for a much bigger comeback, and man, did Nicola de Bruyn make a comeback or what? The great news about her comeback is that she recovered well, has a better mindset, has a great relationship with coach Wimpie Nel and her team mates, and she is the happiest girl when on the track either training or competing.

World Youth Championships, World Junior Championships, World Student Championships, World Senior Championships and Olympics awaits Nicola as she will grows into the superstar athlete that she promises to be. Or might she be the first South African lady to break the 11 second barrier against the likes of Tamzin Thomas or Carina Horn? Yes or no…I believe the future is in her and God’s hands.

Walk, jog, run, Nicola…

Photo by : Johan van der Linde

EC Media Coordinator Reggie Hufkie