On Sunday 19 October the Amsterdam marathon will take place with 15 sub 2:10 marathon elite athletes in the race including Wilson Chebet (2:05.27), Abel Kirui (2:05.04), Samuel Tsegay (2:07.28) and loads more.

But also in this race is 3 of our own. Sibusiso Nzima , ranked 21st in the race with a 2:13.42 pb just shows the caliber race this will be. Nzima is the only one of the trio that will complete the full race whereas the other two has the duties of pacemaking.

Gladwin Mzazi who is in fine form after running a 28:22 pb on the 10km preparing for his marathon later this year in Fukuoka had the following to say “Think this race will be a great test for my race.If I can finish pacemaking 3min per km until 30km then I will be on the right track for my marathon which will be in 7 weeks after Amsterdam.”

It was a surprise to see Folavio Sehohle in the mix, mostly known for his 1500m running with a pb of 3:39.41, he will now try and make his name known on the road. “I still have some unfinished business on the track, but this year I shift a bit and try to see what I can do on the road .So I will be pacing up until half way with 64:30 on 21km then if I still have energy then I will try and push but I will be happy if I manage to pull out after 25km on 2:09 pace…..also next year I will be doing my 1st marathon which will be Rotherdam in April. At the moment I think I’m in shape and I’m impressed with my training… there is a lot of improvement.”

Folavio had his birthday celebration this week, so lets wait and see if he’ll award himself with a big pb! We would like to wish the best of luck to all three these athletes. Go and make SA proud! #EC #Backtrack #ICANSOAR

EC Media Manager – Adriaan Aldridge

Gladwin Mzazi, Sibusiso Nzima, Folavio Sehohle
Gladwin Mzazi, Sibusiso Nzima, Folavio Sehohle