Mercia Venter

“Sometimes our plans do not work out because God has bigger plans for us , just keep faith and put your trust in Him”.

She did not compete because of a hamstring injury this year but she is looking to come back better and stronger. This is North West University hurdle athlete Mercia Venter(19). “I just want to become the best athlete possible that I can be, I want to put in everything I have and do everything to the best of my ability”. She has done sprints in high school but her main item now is hurdles. On the 100m hurdles she has a pb of 14.38 and has received SA clothes twice and has won a gold medal at Junior SA’s in 2013 on the 110m hurdles. Mercia is coached by Tom Ferreira and Werner Burger. One of her goals is to start competing internationally in the next two years and she says that obviously the Olympics is also her final goal.

“What makes hurdles different is that it is still a sprint, but once you are over that first hurdle, it is only you and the hurdles in the race, nothing else matters than to give your best and to work as hard as you possibly can.” This is clear as Australian hurdler Sally Pearson also has a 100m pb of 11.14. Although her role model is Brianna Rollins because she swept the world by surprise by winning her first World Champs and beating Sally Pearson being only 21.

Off the track Mercia’s dream(after studying and working for a while) is to open up a sport center in the future that will enhance athletes in South Africa. This center must include Physiotherapy and Bio-kinetic divisions, a Gym and Dietitians and every possible aspect to bring an athlete to the top. Its with young people like Mercia and ideas like these that will pick up athletics in this country. Venter also loves making food and that is also a big passion of hers. Lets hope she doesn’t indulge too much in this passion while being injured!

Many international athletes train at North West University and this motivates her to keep an eye on them and see their methods of training and getting advice from them. “My inspiration is the Lords Word and that I know He is there for me and that He placed a dream in my heart. He is my inspiration because I know I can never disappoint Him and that I will never achieve my goals without Him.”

With great performances this year by Rikenette Steenkamp and Wenda Theron Nel young athletes like Mercia, Helene Swanepoel, Chante Finger and DJane Kriedemann are looking to equal or exceed them in the future and work together with other disciplines such as the sprints, middle distances and field items to take South African athletics to a next level in the upcoming years. Mercia we hope you have a speedy recovery from your injury problems and that you will take the country by storm in years to come!

EC Media Manager
Adriaan Aldridge