Simone Du Plooy

“Since I was a child it was fun to run, but I was never good in it. In grade 1 I was 4th in my heat and there was like 6 heats and in grade 2 in the holiday I decided to go ride bike, like 3 times around the block, because it was fun. And then in grade 3 we ran and I won, then I decided I wanted to start training for it. In grade 4 I started training seriously. And that’s how it all began. It all began with one step. My first SA’s was in grade 9 where I won bronze in the 100m.”

“Simone is a very talented athlete with a wonderful future ahead of her on the track in SA. Her commitment in training and passion for what she does is very clear in her achievements. She has an open sparkling personality and takes everyone’s feelings into consideration when making decisions. Her progress is exactly according to plan and I am very proud of her achievements in 2014. It is all part of our term goal which includes the games of 2016. I believe that with her attitude and hard work she will make a success of everything she takes on”, says coach Juan Strydom of Hoerskool Zwartkop sprinter Simone Du Plooy.

Du Plooy is the best performer at her school in athletics and she has also represented SA at the World Youth games in Donetsk. She has ran a 100m of 11.77 and a 200m of 23.52. She took a 6th place at senior SA’s this year in the 100m and a 3rd place in the 200m behind Justine Palframan and Melissa Hewitt after coming from her Junior Gold in Stellenbosch. “Simone is a very good athlete with a lot of talent. She is still going to come very far in her athletics and her times are showing it at such a young age” , says Melissa Hewitt. This very humble athlete had this to say about her achievements this year “I am very thankful for my accomplishments this year, I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone but with a very good coach, dedication and amazing God it was all possible”.

Soon Simone will be joining the Tuks sprint army after she finishes her matric year. Although she has already been training there quite a while.  Every athlete needs to have something besides from running, and Simone has another passion, “I really want to work with animals outside of athletics. I want to study zoology.  I’ve been doing horse riding for about 10 years now (show jumping). I love animals, it’s like my relaxing sport. Animals + Sport, what more can you ask for?” She qualified for world juniors in Oregon later this month and she wishes to make the final and just improve on her amazing pb that she already ran this year.

Everywhere she runs her parents are always there, her mother in spesific. “It means a lot to me cause they are always there for me and they transport me everywhere. Athletics is a very dedicated sport and they understand that, so that only makes me better.” We wonder if this speedster will one day try out the 400m, with a running style very similar to Justine Palframan she can maybe conjure up a very fast time on the 400. Same as Wayde van Niekerk who was also a sprinter as yuongster.

Her dream is to compete at the Olympics for athletics (not horse riding)… and we wish her the best of luck! Sprinting in this country is rising to new levels and Simone together with other youngsters like Tebogo Mamathu and Tamzin Thomas are definitely part of that movement! We wish to see them take loads of team and individual medals in the future!

“With everything I do I want to do it the best I can (the will to do the best to my ability)” – Simone Du Plooy